When Love Comes


when love comes for you it will feel like falling into a quiet, easy sleep

and you won’t lie in bed worrying

with cold sweaty feet. impotent, and dumb.

and you won’t wait for texts that never come.


when love arrives, it will knock on your door, just once

and you’ll hear it, as it stands quietly on your sun dappled garden path

and you’ll let it in with a welcoming smile (and you’ll hear the tree’s sighing)

and it will be only a little bit terrifying.


when it comes for you, you’ll know

with the same relief that you feel as you sink into a warm bath

after nights spent in tepid water, longing for more

and others in pools that scalded your skin, short-lived and sore


and you’ll know it is what your bones waited for

what the breath in your lungs held itself for

what the moon in the sky kept its long vigil for

and every heart beat and every cold war


every pang of aloneness you tried to ignore

were just pieces of rock in the sole of your shoe

as you walked towards him, and he walked towards you.

nothing less, nothing more.