The Earth Went Round & Round


i met you in a black stairway

in the dark your eyes were burning 

my ragged breath caught in my throat

(the world continued turning)


your mouth was rich with vodka,

and I knew it was beginning

as we fell into each other.

as the earth was slowly spinning.


but love can be a fiend my dear,

and chance is cruel and real

and millions suffer heartbreak

while the world turns like a wheel


and i cannot help but fear it;

that i'll wake to find you gone,

knowing as my chest is rent in two,

the world turns on and on


but we are young, my darling,

and tonight is for the taking,

the universe will deal her cards

the earth will keep rotating


and the stars shall be our sentinel,

when we are in the ground,

i loved you once, and all the while,

the world went round and round.