(a little) love


you make

my hands shake 

(a little)


and the trees entwine

when your eyes catch mine

and my lungs fill with wine 


your voice rings, and

my heart sings 

(a little)

I Miss You, Love


the clothes strung out across the line 

the sun has gone, gone

the cool air throbs, cicadas call out from the lawn

i tell the clouds 'hold in your rain tonight'

i miss you, love, and hope you are alright.


my mother’s arthritic hands slice wedges into birthday cake

hours of flour and sugar, eggs, 

tea and coffee turns to lukewarm dregs.

with every bite

i miss you, love, and hope you are alright.


another morning starts, i start my car, another day 

another little piece of life, a step along the Checkout Aisle.

i drum my fingers all the while 

curse drivers at each traffic light

and miss you, love, and hope you are alright.


my friends and i put on our dresses, smoke, drink wine and then, 

we dance in darkened rooms with distant men

at 1am we watch the drunken boys begin to fight.

another silly little night.

I miss you, love, and hope you are alright.

When Love Comes


when love comes for you it will feel like falling into a quiet, easy sleep

and you won’t lie in bed worrying

with cold sweaty feet. impotent, and dumb.

and you won’t wait for texts that never come.


when love arrives, it will knock on your door, just once

and you’ll hear it, as it stands quietly on your sun dappled garden path

and you’ll let it in with a welcoming smile (and you’ll hear the tree’s sighing)

and it will be only a little bit terrifying.


when it comes for you, you’ll know

with the same relief that you feel as you sink into a warm bath

after nights spent in tepid water, longing for more

and others in pools that scalded your skin, short-lived and sore


and you’ll know it is what your bones waited for

what the breath in your lungs held itself for

what the moon in the sky kept its long vigil for

and every heart beat and every cold war


every pang of aloneness you tried to ignore

were just pieces of rock in the sole of your shoe

as you walked towards him, and he walked towards you.

nothing less, nothing more.


Nick Cage


at night; the dim, dark solitude 

is sticking to my skin like glue.

nick cage calls out from my tight-lipped speakers

"you are what you love, not what loves you” 


The Earth Went Round & Round


i met you in a black stairway

in the dark your eyes were burning 

my ragged breath caught in my throat

(the world continued turning)


your mouth was rich with vodka,

and I knew it was beginning

as we fell into each other.

as the earth was slowly spinning.


but love can be a fiend my dear,

and chance is cruel and real

and millions suffer heartbreak

while the world turns like a wheel


and i cannot help but fear it;

that i'll wake to find you gone,

knowing as my chest is rent in two,

the world turns on and on


but we are young, my darling,

and tonight is for the taking,

the universe will deal her cards

the earth will keep rotating


and the stars shall be our sentinel,

when we are in the ground,

i loved you once, and all the while,

the world went round and round.

Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy kimmel or someone is playing thom yorke

And we remember what real music sounds like.

And my friend, followed home by a shadowy man

Escaped when she turned round and rode off on his bike.



a thousand clichés eddy and swirl

how the weather is too bright today

the sky should be burnt umber, or grey


and the sweet scent that hangs about the air

cant help but thicken my despair

(although nobody else appears to care)


and yet in spite of me,

the balding trees i see are filled with singing birds

their ringing voices pinch my cheeks

just like the frost in your indifferent words


while autumn breezes fill the air with song

the sun is busy painting colours on the sky

in this sublime perfection everything is wrong

and all i hear is you saying goodbye


there is a passionfruit vine

practicing its growing in my garden

and every day it stretches its curling tendrils skyward

wishfully struggling to tickle the sun.


it is painful to watch it.

i think about you

just as far away from me as distant moons

and i, as feeble as its little green and gasping limbs.

Moon & the sea

a white bellied whale swims round the earth

through a hole in his head, spraying handfuls of

stars that skip through the sky - silver stones over water -

and scatter themselves into dark, secret places.


the ocean stares mournfully at him.

so far below, he can’t hear her calling ‘come home’

or see the tug on her skin, or the boats tip and sway

as she lifts her arms to cup his face in her hands.



It is dark outside.

Except, perhaps, for wandering headlights

Or the glint of teeth spread open in un-hinged glee.

Drunken wading through the dirty air

(because of course we cant smell the sea)

Is it wicked not to care?


And in the day the city drums

A slow descent.

Faces slung across dry bones

or something about the way the sun burns.

(but in my ears ring dulcet tones)


The sky is black

The sky is red

Let me hang stars about my head

Strap black velvet round your arms and mourn

The trees murmur in the breeze

Soon it will be dawn.