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Honey, Hazelnut & Tahini Banana Cake

There are high maintenance cakes, and then there are low maintenance cakes. High maintenance cakes require you to combine their ingredients in overly-complicated ways. You'll probably have to cream the butter and the sugar in one mixing bowl, while whisking the egg whites into soft peaks in another. Then you’ll have to ‘fold’ in the dry ingredients. Which is completely stressful because basically its impossible and there are always lumps and I always get impatient and just stir it viciously until it’s smooth, which totally defeats the purpose of all the gentle folding. Once they're cooked, high maintenance cakes have to be perfectly iced using one of those fiddly piping bags with the special star-shaped nozzles, then they have to be positioned into artful layers, which will slide off each other onto your lap when you're driving to the party, leaving you covered in your ostentatious icing and rueing the day you decided to try and be fancy.

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Black Tahini Ice-cream Sandwiches

December screws with EVERYONE'S MINDS. The world goes weird. Clocks start moving in some kind of physically-impossible, frenzied mania. Each hour passes twice as fast as it ought to. And people (me, usually) suddenly start wanting to catch up over champagne lunches. Every night feels like it ought to end with soft cheese and wine, or a glass of baileys in a bath full of pumpkin-pie scented bubbles. It all sounds delicious and glorious really, the only problem is there's just no bloody time.

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Tahini & Maple Oat Bars

It's basically Christmas, right? Which, if you're in the southern hemisphere, means two things:

1) One day very soon it is going to be too hot to tolerate eating anything above room temperature, and

2) Once mid-December hits, you're inevitably going to have to deal with a couple of those drop-in-lifelong-friends-with-whom-you're-not-actually-interested-in-continuing-a-friendship, bearing gifts of miscellaneous chocolates, potted plants you don't really want, and candles that smell a little like toilet freshener.

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The Australian Pancake of your Wildest Dreams

Say hello to the Pikelet. Hello Pikelet!

If you're not Australian you may not know what a Pikelet is. It's basically a pancake. A teeny, light, fluffy, delicious, buttery pancake! You know how babies are small humans, with extra smooth skin and they're kinda pudgy and fluffy? That's what a Pikelet is like - it's a baby pancake! And you gotta eat it! Slather it in butter, teach it a few simple words, tell it life is fleeting and meaningless, and then eat it!

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Mandarin, Almond and Poppyseed Muffins

I made mandarin, almond and poppy seed muffins! I've been thinking about frying mandarins for a while. I'm not saying that's an especially normal thing to contemplate for an extended period of time, but what can you do. When an idea ensnares you it ensnares you, and the idea of slowly caramelising mandarin pieces had ensnared me. Ensnared. Ensnared. That doesn't even look like a real word does it.

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