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Honeyjoy Bliss Balls

If you grew up in Australia in the 90s you definitely remember honeyjoys. In fact, if you're growing up right now maybe you still do. Are they still a kids' birthday party tradition? I hope so. A world without honeyjoys is no world at all. Crispy, sweet and ever so slightly salty from the melted butter, held together in one glorious mess inside a colourful muffin wrapper ahhhh - wonderful!

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Vegan Choc Mint Slices

So I'm knocking a wall down in my kitchen at the moment. Or, to be more accurate, Pete-the-Carpenter is knocking a wall down in my kitchen. Pete's great! He teaches me all about steel lintels and rendering walls, and brick footings and the difference between old lime cement and modern cement. Incidentally, if you're ever chipping old lime cement off old bricks make sure your old glove doesn't have a hole in the thumb, because the lime will gradually corrode your exposed skin and that shit hurts! 

Anyway, Pete's brill and he deserves biscuits, so I asked him what his favourite biscuits were and he said choc mint slices. I'm not entirely sure he wanted me to go and make a homemade version that is low-sugar, gluten free and vegan...but life's about compromise…

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Granola Makes Everything Good Again

Granola really does make everything good. Woken up on the wrong side of bed? Hair looking like an unkempt birds' nest? Made redundant? Flight cancelled? Caught a cold? Tyres deflated? Legs amputated? Dumped? Sacked? Anaemic? Unfit? Morose? Wayward? Woebegone? Now, I'm not saying a bowl of granola is going to FIX these things. But it's not going to make anything worse, is it?

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Matcha Ice-cream

I'm not sure if it still counts as a health food..but I've used my matcha to make a vegan green tea ice-cream. It tastes delicious, has only 1/3 of a cup of sugar, and I figure if I'm going to be eating ice-cream anyway it may as well be ice-cream that lowers blood pressure, increases my metabolic rate and helps reduce my risk of cancer! Who ever heard of an ice-cream that does all that!

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