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Granola Makes Everything Good Again

Granola really does make everything good. Woken up on the wrong side of bed? Hair looking like an unkempt birds' nest? Made redundant? Flight cancelled? Caught a cold? Tyres deflated? Legs amputated? Dumped? Sacked? Anaemic? Unfit? Morose? Wayward? Woebegone? Now, I'm not saying a bowl of granola is going to FIX these things. But it's not going to make anything worse, is it?

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The Australian Pancake of your Wildest Dreams

Say hello to the Pikelet. Hello Pikelet!

If you're not Australian you may not know what a Pikelet is. It's basically a pancake. A teeny, light, fluffy, delicious, buttery pancake! You know how babies are small humans, with extra smooth skin and they're kinda pudgy and fluffy? That's what a Pikelet is like - it's a baby pancake! And you gotta eat it! Slather it in butter, teach it a few simple words, tell it life is fleeting and meaningless, and then eat it!

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Mandarin, Almond and Poppyseed Muffins

I made mandarin, almond and poppy seed muffins! I've been thinking about frying mandarins for a while. I'm not saying that's an especially normal thing to contemplate for an extended period of time, but what can you do. When an idea ensnares you it ensnares you, and the idea of slowly caramelising mandarin pieces had ensnared me. Ensnared. Ensnared. That doesn't even look like a real word does it.

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