Maple, Vanilla & Citrus Cocktail


Friday 2.33pm is definitely the time to make a cocktail. Sadly for me, this Friday at 2.33pm I will not be making cocktails. I will be writing my thesis. Actually that's probably not wholly true either. Probably, what I'll actually be doing is obsessively tidying my desk drawers and 'minimal-ising' my life as a form of productive procrastination. But you do what you can. And what you should do is make this cocktail because it's just lovely! 


(Makes 2)

2-4 Tbsp Maple syrup

2 shots of vodka

Seeds from half a vanilla pod (or you could just use 1 Tbsp vanilla essence)

2 lemons

1 lime

1 cup sparkling water

2 Kaffir lime leaves, crushed (or you could use lemon grass, or mint)


Combine your maple syrup (start with just 2 Tbsp and add more if you'd like it sweeter), vodka, vanilla seeds (or essence), the juice and rind of one of your lemons and the juice of your lime. 

Crush the Kaffir lime leaves (or the lemon grass or mint if that's what you're using) and muddle these in the mix with your maple syrup and vodka concoction. 

Strain into two glasses, add ice, and then gently pour over your sparkling water. Serve with a wedge of the remaining lemon. Drink!

Note: You can adjust the flavours however you like - if you'd like it sweeter add more maple syrup, if you'd like more zing squeeze in more lemon juice, or if the flavours are too strong and you'd like, it a little milder add more sparkling water. The most important thing is to make it while the afternoon sun is still hanging in the sky, making your Friday afternoon look golden-hued and full of the promise of late-night revelry! 

Extra Note: The little black speckles on the top of my cocktails are grated vanilla pods + seeds! (...just in case anyone thinks I've started using dirt to flavour my alcoholic beverages...). If you can find them - they come in a handy little grinder - I highly recommend! Lasts ages and it's great as a last minute 'this-definitely-isn't-dirt' garnish!