Butternut Pumpkin Pasta

Alright, here's an easy one to get back to posting after an abysmally long hiatus (it's not my fault, it's the thesis. Blame the thesis). 

Happily it turns out that even when I'm not organised enough to write blog posts about my cooking, I'm still obsessive enough to photograph most of the dishes on top of this fancy marble slab that I found in a skip bin! Huzzah! So now I just have to play catchup and try to remember how I cooked the things in the photos ...that won't be challenging at all...

Here is butternut pasta. It's salty, sweet and garlicky, delicious and so easy to make that I never remember any quantities, so please forgive me for the lack of precision in the following recipe! 


2-3 cups of Butternut pumpkin, cut into slices about 1cm thick

Garlic (4 cloves if you're relatively normal, 7-10 if you're anything like me)

Olive oil (2-4 Tbsp) 

Chilli, diced

Fresh sage, chopped

Fresh parsley, chopped


Pecorino cheese (or Parmesan, or Romano if you prefer)

What to do

Start cooking your pasta, and while it cooks do everything else I'm about to tell you to do

Put the garlic, chilli, sage, parsley and olive oil in a frying pan (keep a little of the parsley and sage to the side to add later as a fresh garnish). Mmm sizzle. 

Add your slices of pumpkin and fry over medium heat until they've gone a beautiful crispy caramel brown on both sides. You may have to do it in a few batches. Throw a bit of salt on them while you're at it.

By now your pasta should be about done, so take it out and strain it, then chuck it in the frying pan with all your pumpkin and a little more salt and olive oil. Toss it around on the heat for another 30 seconds, so the linguine gets coated in all the flavoursome goodness. 

Put it in some bowls, put the fresh herbs on top and then smother it in delicious pecorino cheese. Eat!

Casey Lister