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A Serenade to Salads

How complicated do salads need to be before they deserve their own recipe? I don't have recipes for these salads. But each of them is kinda interesting in it's own way, so if you want to break free from the regular-old-salad mould then these might provide a little direction! 

Salad One

This salad has a yummy Japanese dressing, with garlic, soy sauce, miring, rice wine vinegar and sesame seeds. The broccoli absorbs all the delicious dressing flavour, and the crunchy garlic flakes and sesame seeds chucked on top add a tasty crunch!

Salad Two

This salad is interesting because of the greens inside it! Also, these are all things you can quite easily grow yourself with a little sun and plenty of water. Fun! So, this salad has:

French Sorrel 

Bok Choy

Japanese mustard greens 


Fennel leaves

Cherry tomatoes

Chop 'em up, toss 'em together.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice or a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

It goes really well with this quiche too!

Salad Three

This is one of my favourite salads EVER! It's tantalising because I can only ever make it properly in summer, when the figs and tomatoes are perfect and ripe and fresh. This one has roasted cherry tomatoes, roast pumpkin cubes and lightly blanched silverbeet. It's served with avocado, fresh figs, lettuce leaves, and a lovely garlicky vinaigrette that my Dad taught me to make years and years ago. You'll smell like garlic for days, but you won't even regret it because this salad IS KING!