Lemon Flower Ice Cubes

I have a lemon problem. It's a too-many-lemons-not-enough-tequila kind of problem. I think everyone has the same problem this time of year, because all the friendly nuclear-family-filled streets around my house are lined with little cardboard boxes with 7-year-old handwritten 'Free Lemons' notes scrawled across them. The thing is, its a temporary problem, soon to be replaced by a new problem because in a few months the supply will dry up and we'll all go back to buying them resentfully from overpriced shops. Or will we? No we won't! Because I'm fighting the system with Lemon Flower Ice Cubes!!

This isn't a recipe or anything particularly genius, so really I'm cheating by putting it on here... but the pictures do look quite pretty, you can't deny that they do look quite pretty. 

Basically what I did, is I juiced a bunch of lemons, then I prettified them up by adding edible flowers! I can give you some tips about what kind of lovely edible flowers you might want to plant in your garden, because right now mine is full of happy bees buzzing around with orange pollen leg warmers and eating all the edible-flower-nectar. 


I've planted:

  • Borage (Which, I just found out right then, is also known as Starflower, which is an infinitely nicer name! Borage sounds like your aged aunt who wears nude ankle-length socks). Borage is a lovely fuzzy leafed mediterranean herb plant. Apparently the leaves are edible, but they're so fuzzy I haven't been brave enough to try them yet. The flowers, though, are lovely purple things that you can throw in salads, and jellies and cocktails and whatever else you want to pretty-up!
  • Lavender 
  • Nasturtiums. Apparently the name Nasturtium translates literally to 'nose-twister', because of the bunched-up faces people make when eating the peppery petals! They produce lovely orange flowers, you can throw the petals in salads, but the really fun bit is the little...kind of... straw thing, that pokes down underneath the flower, you break the end off it and can drink the nectar from the inside of the flower!
  • Rose Scented Geraniums. This is my favourite newish thing that I've planted (along with their friend, the Lemon Scented Geranium) they have the most amazing scents, and you can just rip bits off them and put them in tea or jelly or cakes or anything! They're also very hard to kill, which suits me! 

Anyway I juiced the lemons then chucked in bits of all those plants so they looked pretty. Now I have a bunch to keep long-term in my fridge for lemony icy water, or for what I made this morning which was a lemon and ginger tea with honey in my NEW FAVOURITE CUP! I'm quite obsessed with my mug so here are a few gratuitous mug shots (as well as that gratuitous mug-pun). 

Casey Lister