Pasta Primavera (Without a Real Recipe)

I've decided that I'm not particularly good at following recipes, which explains why I so infrequently use them. I'm much better at throwing things together semi-haphazardly and fiddling until they work themselves out. So here's a semi-haphazard non-recipe if you want to make some tasty fresh springtime spaghetti!

This is one of the easiest lunches or dinners to make, and can include pretty much any and all of your leftover veggies. This one was angel hair pasta, with pan-fried cherry tomatoes, garlic and spinach, and a handful of nasturtium leaves and parmesan thrown on top. (Other nice potential ingredients include: broccoli, sugar snap peas, pine nuts, zucchini, green beans, kale, oven-roasted pumpkin....pretty much anything!) 

Here's a tasty way to cook garlic that I only learned recently:

  • Chuck the whole cloves in a pan, with some olive oil or butter (I added some thyme and oregano too), and fry them until they're golden brown on both sides.
  • Then put a lid on the pan and leave them to steam themselves deliciously soft for about 5 minutes. It's the laziest way to do garlic because you don't even have to chop them, and they wind up half caramelised and fall apart in your mouth! 
  • In the same pan as the softened garlic, chuck some cherry tomatoes, and a few squeezes of lemon.
  • Fry it up alllllll good for a while until the tomatoes start to soften.
  • Add salt and pepper, a pinch of sugar and a little splash of balsamic vinegar. Oh, and chilli! Stir in some chopped up fresh chilli. 
  • While you're doing this, cook the angel hair pasta, it takes barely any time.
  • Once the pasta is done, strain it and chuck it into the pan along with some baby spinach, and let it all fry for a few seconds, until the spinach starts to wilt slightly and goes extra bright green. I added some nasturtium flowers too because they're pretty! 
  • Serve with parmesan cheese grated on top!
Casey Lister