Seedy as a Sonntag Morgen

Sunday mornings are usually a bit seedy. The lingering eyeliner that has kind of fallen off your upper eyelids and is having a little sleepy party in the creases under your lower lids, the hair that was so silky last night is now standing in odd peaks and tufts atop your slightly-aching skull, the remnants of 2am instant noodle concoctions are littered over the kitchen table...

...Sunday mornings can be even more seedy if you also cook up lots of seeds and eat them!

  • Soak some chia seeds overnight in a bit of almond milk and water, with some ground vanilla beans on top (I found mine in a nifty little grinder, so I've been grinding them on everything!).
  • In the morning mix the chia with some yoghurt. If you're lucky enough to have frozen raspberries  stir them through too! (If you actually have fresh raspberries you're clearly at a culinary stage too advanced to require food blog inspiration. Go forth and prosper, you lucky bastard!). 
  • Then toast some oats (mixed with melted butter and honey), walnuts, and coconut, in the oven at about 200 degrees C.   
mmm look at that tasty golden toasty brownness!
  • Put all the toasty goodness on top of the chia, along with some strawberries, sage flowers, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and some un-toasted coconut. Then drizzle honey over the whole thing and eat it!
  • Alternatively, if you like you can set it atop a half-opened window to admire its beauty before eating, as I have done (see below)
Casey Lister