Freelance Writing

I've been lucky enough to contribute some of my cooking and lifestyle articles to a few really lovely magazines, and - more recently - to create my two online cookbooks! You can flick through some excepts of all of these below (you can also check out my academic writing here).

Chickpea Magazine (issue 21)

In this issue I have a little article about why my kitchen is one of my favourite places to be.

Chickpea Magazine (issue 23)

In this issue I have 3 articles: Blind date with a grain (I try cooking with a heap of grains I've never used before), Grow your own kitchen (I offer tips, tricks and recipes for veggie gardeners), and Pump up the jam (3 jam recipes plus trashy song recommended pairings).

Chickpea Magazine (issue 25)

For my article in this issue, I take my favourite dishes that my Nanna used to cook for me, and transform them into vegan alternatives. 

Chickpea Magazine (issue 26)

For my article in this issue, I write about how to live a more 'Recycled Life' to produce less waste and reduce our negative impact on the planet.

Not Another Diet Cookbook

This is a vegetarian cookbook I co-authored with my friend Madalin. I loved making it! If you'd like more info you can check out the details on Maddy's website:

Not Another Vegan Cookbook

After our first cookbook came out, many people were keen for more plant-based vegan recipes. In response, I wrote this cookbook, full of little bites, big bites, sweet bites, and sips - all vegan, all yummy!

The Supper Club (issue 2)

In this issue of The Supper Club, I wrote an article about Thanksgiving in Australia, with several recipes I created to share with family and friends during the festive season.

Chickpea Magazine (Issues TBA)

I have a few more articles pending in upcoming issues of Chickpea. Looking forward to sharing them with you! :)